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This is the story of Loki. Loki was the foster brother of Thor. They didn’t always get along. Admittedly, that was because Loki became involved in increasingly wicked schemes over the long centuries. Until eventually, he was known by all as the God of Evil. And he was trapped by that definition—spiraling deeper into infamy with each new misdeed, unable to escape his role, unable to escape himself, doomed never to be anything but Loki—Loki the bad son, Loki the villain—until the day he died. So, he died. Which was, of course, his greatest scheme of all. For soon he was reborn into a new, youthful body, free to choose his own fate. He was ready to polish his sparkling new reputation. A new start for a new life. »


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Name. Loki Odinson/Laufeyson
Hair/Eye Color. Black/Bright, bright green
Homeworld. Asgardia; Earth-616
Height/Weight. 6' 1"/around 450 lbs.ⁱ
Age. Mentally/physically 20 – 21ⁱⁱ
Canon point. Agent of Asgard no. 12
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Visual post.

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“What makes Loki so fearsome a figure is that he embodies the principle of misrule: He exists only to subvert … disrupt … destroy. Civilization is a fragile construct, and there are always cracks in its veneer; Loki represents all the forces that threaten to turn the cracks into chasms.”

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Reading List.

Friday, April 14th, 2017 03:18 pm
So, this was supposed to be short and that never happened. Instead below is a list of comics that I compiled during a giant Loki (& Asgard, prob) binge that were either amusing or important enough to make the list. Most of it is self-contained within its own pocket so it can be read out-of-context. The newer stuff is better reading Siege-up, or at least Kid Loki-up, but it's not necessary. Find something I missed, wanna discuss something? Questions & comments are welcome!
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